The Glass City Broomball League is an 8th grade to high school aged all girls league in the Toledo, Ohio area. While the League may have only started in 2021, our Board Members have been around the sports of broomball for nearly 30 years! This League believes in creating a positive experience for our players. We had an amazing first year and look forward to what year two brings!

2023-2024 Board Members

League DirectorRobert Gonzales
PresidentJoe Palmer
League ManagerMonica Steele
SecretaryAllison Shrader
TreasurerStephanie Gonzales
Referee DirectorTyler Shrader
Member at LargeTiffany Eckert
Member at LargeAngyl Quisenberry

League Director

Robert Gonzales has been around broomball since 2007. He started as a fan cheering on his wife (then girlfriend) and continued as a fan when his wife coached her younger sisters from 2011-2014 and then again in 2022. Robert has attended all of those games through the years. Robert helped coach broomball in 2016 and 2017.

Through the years, Robert has coached little league baseball, rec softball, and flag football. Robert is looking forward to coaching his daughters in broomball in the coming years.


Joe Palmer has been around broomball since 2010. He was an assistant coach for 32 Below in another league. When his sister graduated, he left broomball until his oldest daughter started playing. He began refereeing with Glass City in our first season.

Most of his coaching experience is actually in wrestling. He coached for nearly a decade at the East Toledo Wrestling Club and Foxfire Wrestling Club.

League Manager

Monica Steele has been involved in broomball for 29 years. Not only did she play her 4 years in high school, but she loves the sport so much, she began coaching her first year out of high school. She has coached some really amazing girls in her 20+ years of coaching. Her true pride was being able to coach her daughter after years of waiting for her to be high school aged. Her daughter would attend practices with her as an infant through toddler years and now she’s able to share her love of broomball with her daughter and teammates.

Even while raising 4 kids, she was at the rink either coaching or performing her Board duties in another league every weekend. She held the title of League Manager for 13 years. It is truly a position she knows like the back of her hand, so there is no better position suited for her than League Manager for Glass City Broomball. She knows the sport very well and how a great league should be run. She has played in an adult league for several years, as well as some official co-ed broomball. She is committed to making this league a positive and thriving league for not only the players, but her fellow Board members, fellow coaches, referees, and spectators.


Allison Shrader has a strong love for broomball, as she played on 32 Below from 2010-2012 in another league. She remained close to the sport for years after playing as she cheered on many of her nieces and cousins during their time of play. In 2022, Allison began her coaching career and won the championship with Reigning Ice to be Glass City Broomball’s first league champions.

Allison has spent time in trying to bring more girls into the broomball community. Her goal is to keep broomball prominent in Toledo and its surrounding area so future players get the same invigorating experience that she had with her team.


Stephanie Gonzales has been around broomball for 18 years. Not only did she play in high school, but she coached Bowsher 32 Below from 2011-2014. This team went to the final four twice and won championship in 2014. She went on to coach Start Spartans and Superior Ice between 2015-2021. Superior Ice ranked 1st in 2020 and 2021. Superior Ice also won the championship in 2021. She was also a Board member in another league during part of her broomball career too.

Her love for this sport can easily be seen through her years of dedication. She strives for this league to be a positive experience for the girls in our inaugural year and for many many years to come. Her ideas to benefit this league and the girls are endless.

Referee Director

Tyler Shrader has been involved with broomball as a referee since Glass City Broomball began. He started as a fan of broomball back in 2011 when his wife, then girlfriend, played for 32 Below. He continued to support broomball as several of his nieces played.

Tyler served in the United States Army for 6 years acquiring a wide set of skills including strong leadership, integrity, effective communication, teamwork, and performing under pressure.

Tyler sought a board position because he saw the passion and excitement from the players, which inspired him to play a bigger role in making the league an exceptional experience for all.

Member at Large

Angyl Quisenberry has been a part of the broomball community since 2016. She unfortunately didn’t start playing until her Sophomore year of high school because Freshman year, when the idea was brought to her school, she thought it was a Harry Potter cosplay thing. After realizing that was not what broomball was, she gave it a try and played her remaining 3 years of high school. After being devastated that she could no longer play, she was offered an assistant coaching position for the team she played along, along side of her head coach. She loved watching the passion for broomball grow in her girls and is now going into her 5th season as a coach and 2nd season coaching 2 teams.

She was very excited when Glass City began offering an adult league, as she was able to dust off her old equipment and get back out on the ice!

Member at Large

Tiffany Eckert may be newer to broomball, but she is not new to sports or organizations. She has extensive leadership, non-profit, and philanthropic experience on a national level. She has traveled across the country as a motivational speaker. She brought broomball back to Central Catholic after a brief time without broomball.

Her role within Glass City Broomball will focus on community outreach with all of the teams. She is most excited to be involved with a league that is focused on the girls and fellowship. She believes in collaboration and teamwork and we are so lucky for her to bring her passion to this league.


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