About this scholarship:

SGT Andy Eckert was killed in Iraq on May 8, 2005.  Andy was an athlete who aspired to coach high school sports and teach history.  SGT Eckert wore the number 9 when he played sports.  His children have always worn the number 9 in honor of him, including his daughter who is a Glass City Broomball Alum. Players from the Central Program also wear a 9 on their sleeve in honor of SGT Eckert.

The amount of this scholarship is $900 to be funded through Andy Eckert’s family.  The scholarship is to be used for college, trade school, or special certifications.  There is no GPA requirement.  Applicants simply need to provide proof that they are enrolled in college or trade school.

For the 2024 Scholarship Form, please click here. Scholarships must be turned in by March 8, 2024.